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Our mission

Jukadi.com offers specially for travelers through our carefully selected network of local suppliers, each of whom is eager to share their knowledge and experience.

The travelers we serve want to do unique things, experience the reality of the place, and see its culture through the eyes of a local person. They are “somewhat inquisitive,” socially conscious and appreciate seeing their travel spending directly benefit people living in the communities they visit.

Our guides are entrepreneurship, passionate people proud of where they live. Through them, we are able to offer a variety of tours, including "off-track" tours that reflect the local culture and a variety of travelers' interests. We are committed to helping our guide to be successful participants in the tourism industry in Egypt and worldwide. To do this, we are actively looking for and qualifying new suppliers, training them to work with our system and our business principles, and working with them to develop unique travel packages.


We are a "trader register" for each tour being sold and dealing with marketing, booking, payment processing, customer service, and payments.


jukadi.com offers. Many tours can be purchased "off the shelf", yet each can be customized to suit the traveler's specific needs. We show the character and skill of each guide while providing consistent elements between tour offers - prices per tour, not per person, prepayment, and other standard policies. Our dedicated team works hard and sincerely and is on hand 24/7 to help, in case of problems.


Our mission is to provide high-quality private tours everywhere people travel. We work every day to achieve this goal.