Utopia Island The Egyptian island of Utopia is located in the Red Sea, specifically in the city of Safaga, about 10 km² away from the city's shore. The island is characterized by its white sand and turquoise waters, with an area of ​​approximately 1.5 km². The island is characterized as one of the few sandy islands and has no rocks around its shores. Utopia Island is a nature reserve visited by Thousands of tourists every year who come from different parts of the world to visit this island, which is one of the best and most famous places in the city of Safaga

The tourist importance of the island

Next to the island of "Utopia" there is more than one site for practising diving and snorkelling. The waters of the Safaga Sea are distinguished by the extreme purity and beauty of the marine life in the depths of the sea, in addition to the multiplicity of its natural resources, starting with the soft sand and beautiful beaches. It has high economic values ​​and in turn generates large cash flows due to the thousands of visitors who come to it to practice different identities such as diving, swimming, recreation and kiteboarding. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, where tourists are increasingly interested in visiting this island because of its advantages

 Fun activities you can do on Utopia Island

You can book a cruise on the island of Utopia to practice a lot of wonderful recreational activities, on top of which is scuba diving. Every day boats and yachts sail around the island loaded with different nationalities around the world who love marine life and adventure. There are dozens of places around the island that make you do not wish to leave this place It is a unique area for marine creatures, rare fish, coral reefs and caves that are filled with mystery and excitement to create for you unlimited fun.

You can also book a cruise to the island of Utopia to practice snorkelling through the masks and fins only, to enjoy the wonderful views such as the mountains of coral reefs, colourful fish and some marine creatures such as turtles, moray fish, morina or the so-called black eel, all from above the surface of the water while swimming.

You can practise water skiing next to the island, as there are places dedicated to practising this wonderful sport.

You can also enjoy the island through one-day trips to sit on the beach on the white sands and under the sun with your loved one or alone. The island now offers a wonderful place with a restaurant, bar, umbrellas and chairs to spend a wonderful and unforgettable day.