Marsa Alam is an Egyptian tourist city affiliated to the Red Sea Governorate.It is a newly established city that started its development in 1995 through the investments of the Kuwaiti Kharafi Group, which adopted the establishment of the city with all its facilities, resorts and infrastructure. The city is located on an area of ​​38433 square kilometers, 274 km south of Hurghada , and 134 km south of Quseir , and its altitude ranges from 60 meters. Inhabited by about 11497 of the population , mostly from the tribes Alababdp and Alepesharah, followed by three villages are Berenice , Abu Hassan Shazly, Abu Ghosoun. The city is an international center for fishing, diving and cruises, and there is an international airportThe Marina Yacht and Convention Center, along with luxury products and hotels, are active in the desert exploration work for gold mine diabetes .




The name Marsa Alam refers to the word Marsa Alam, which means the flag is the mountain where the region is characterized by being a high mountain.During the Pharaonic to Roman times, the city was famous for its gold mines, and remains of the period still survive in the form of some pharaonic inscriptions in the rocks and represent images of animals and hunters of ancient Egyptians, as well as a route likely planned in the era of Ptolemy II . During the modern era, the city remained a complete desert until 1995, when the Egyptian government began to develop it as a tourist economic zone, through the investments of the Kuwaiti Kharafi Group , which adopted the establishment of an integrated city with all its facilities, resorts, roads and infrastructure, making Marsa Alam one of Egypt's most attractive attractions.


Natural and tourist attractions 

Marsa Alam is considered one of the most beautiful diving areas in Egypt and the world. Ancient times in the surrounding mountains in search of gold and emeralds , and is located the shrine of Sheikh Abu Hassan al-Shazli, which is the center of cultural and religious radiation. The city also has a one-day surgery hospital, a state-of-the-art international conference center and a 1950-square-meter meeting room.

Samadaa protected 

Samdai or Dolphin House or Dolphin Reserve is a special protection area 14 km from Marsa Alam, one of the most beautiful and rare parts of the Red Sea.It is the largest private dolphin reserve in the world.It includes more than 5000 dolphins that go to bed during the day between the Samdai reefs, and swim and activate night. The reserve is administered voluntarily by the Red Sea Environment Conservation Society (HIPKA) free of charge in return for serving visitors to the reserve. The area does not fall within the boundaries of declared national reserves, but has been declared a special protection zone by the Local People's Assembly and the decision of the Red Sea Governor No. 178 since 2004 . The story of the region dates back to the end of the nineties when tourism began to flourish in Marsa Alam after visitors knew the presence of dolphins inside the reef of Samdai, and in 2003The number of vessels visiting the area increased to about 30 boats and more than 1500.All boats were present inside the Dolphins campus, which led to the harm of these marine organisms.The civil society organizations took the initiative to protect the area.The decision of the Red Sea Governor to develop a plan to manage the area by dividing it into three Zone A is a Dolphins campus reserved for its presence only and is not allowed by visitors. Zone B is intended for surface swimming activities. No boats or rubber boats are allowed, no diving is allowed outside Laguna only. Zone C is allowed. Where the guar movement Small rubber to connect visitors to the borders of the region "B", with the dates of the visit between the Palace at ten in the morning until two o'clock pm for surface swimming activities, and until three o'clock in the afternoon for the activity of diving.




Geography and population 

Marsa Alam is located on an area of ​​38433 square kilometers, 274 km south of Hurghada, and 134 km south of Quseir , and its altitude ranges from 60 meters. It is home to some 11,497 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in hunting, grazing, mining, or tourism.The original inhabitants of the city are the Ababda and Bechara tribes, who have long inhabited the Eastern Desert and merged with the Arabs after the Islamic conquest of Egypt.So they surrendered and spoke Arabic beside their native Bedouin language. The town is followed by three villages: Berenice and  is one of the most famous places of medical tourism, and the village of Abu Hassan El-Shazly and is located Wadi Hamitra. next to the village of Abu Ghosun.