Mangroovy Beach in El Gouna, Egypt is a paradise for windsurfers. This stretch of coastline offers perfect conditions for windsurfing, with calm waters, consistent winds, and world-class facilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced windsurfer, Mangroovy Beach is the perfect destination to indulge your passion and enjoy the thrill of the waves.

Location and Accessibility

Mangroovy Beach is located just a few kilometers from the center of El Gouna, a popular resort town in Egypt. The beach is easily accessible from anywhere in the area and is a favorite spot for windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

The beach stretches for 10 kilometers along the coast and boasts soft, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The warm waters are shallow, making it an ideal spot for beginners to learn the sport. The beach also benefits from a consistent cross-shore wind, which is perfect for windsurfing.


Mangroovy Beach has been specifically designed to cater to windsurfers, with plenty of amenities and facilities available. The beach is equipped with changing rooms, showers, and lockers, as well as rental shops where visitors can rent windsurfing equipment. The equipment available for rent includes a range of windsurfing boards and sails, as well as other equipment needed for the sport.

In addition to the rental shops, there are also a number of windsurfing schools and training centers in the area that offer lessons for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and are passionate about teaching others the sport of windsurfing.


Windsurfing is the main attraction at Mangroovy Beach, but there are plenty of other activities available as well. Visitors can enjoy a range of water sports, including kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. The beach also has a volleyball court and a beach soccer pitch for those who prefer to stay on land.

One of the highlights of Mangroovy Beach is the annual Red Sea Windsurfing Championship, which takes place every year in May. This championship attracts windsurfers from all over the world, and is a great opportunity to see some of the best windsurfers in action. The event features a range of competitions and activities, including freestyle, slalom, and long-distance racing.

Natural Attractions

Aside from the water sports and other activities, Mangroovy Beach is also home to some stunning natural attractions. The area is surrounded by mangrove trees, which provide a unique and beautiful backdrop for windsurfing and other activities. Visitors can also take a boat tour to explore the nearby islands and enjoy some snorkeling or diving.

The Red Sea is known for its diverse marine life, including colorful fish, turtles, and dolphins. The water is warm and clear, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling or diving. The nearby islands are also home to some stunning coral reefs, which are teeming with marine life and offer a truly unforgettable diving experience.


There are a number of hotels and resorts located near Mangroovy Beach, making it easy for visitors to enjoy all that the area has to offer. The hotels and resorts range from budget-friendly to luxury, and offer a range of amenities and facilities.

The hotels and resorts in the area are equipped to cater to the needs of windsurfers, with facilities for storing equipment and drying wet suits. Many of the hotels also offer windsurfing packages that include lessons and equipment rental, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the sport without any hassle.


Mangroovy Beach in El Gouna, Egypt is a must-visit destination for windsurfing enthusiasts. With its consistent winds, calm waters, and world-class facilities