Information about Hurghada

The town was founded in the early 20th century, and until recently was a small fishing village. But since the 1980s, it has been continuously expanded by Egyptian and foreign investors to become the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. Holiday resorts and hotels offer water sports facilities for windsurfing, kite surfing, yachting, divers and snorkelers. Hurghada is known for its water sports, nightlife and warm weather. The daily temperature hovers around 30°C (86°F) most of the year, during July and August temperatures reach over 40°C (104°F). Many Europeans head to Hurghada for their usual holidays, especially during the winter season and to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in the city.

Get to know us on secrets Hurghada city

Why Hurghada was called that name?

Hurghada was called by this name due to the presence of ghardek trees, which is filled with the city. In the past, Hurghada was the gathering point for fishermen to set off on fishing trips, and it was also the point of return. The hunters depended on the trees of the Hurghada for shade.


where Hurghada is located on the map ?

Hurghada is located on the southwest side of the map on the Red Sea coast at longitude 33° 48′ east and latitude 27° 15′ north. The borders of Hurghada are represented by the city of Ras Ghareb from the north, and from the south by the city of Safaga.

The area of ​​Hurghada is about 460.5 square kilometers.


The finest neighborhoods of Hurghada

As for the neighborhoods of Hurghada, we will get to know them together, as Hurghada consists of 3 main large neighborhoods: Al-Sakala neighborhood, Al-Dahar neighborhood, and Al-Ahya neighborhood.


Al-Dahar district

This neighborhood is the main center of the city in the old days, and the neighborhood here is famous for its authentic Egyptian life, as it contains a large group of popular markets in Hurghada, in which you feel warmth and friendliness among its people, especially in the fish market.

You can't miss the opportunity to shop in Hurghada's El Dahar district.


Sakala district

This neighborhood is famous for being a first-class tourist district.

Through the neighborhood you can wander until you reach to me The old port, and you will enjoy wandering through the streets of this neighborhood.

In the Sakkala district, you will find a group of hotels and restaurants, in addition to large malls that operate even after midnight to provide the necessary needs for visitors to the city, whether at the level of shopping or at the entertainment level.

Many people hear about the islands of the Red Sea Which It extends south from Bab al-Mandeb and ends in the north with a guideway from the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea. However, many do not have sufficient information about those islands; Their names, where they are located, how many and their area.. "The Seventh Day" provides the most important 10 information about the islands of the Red Sea.

1- The Red Sea has 521 islands along the coast of the Red Sea

It is located in the Red Sea around 521 islands of different sizes, and the importance of each varies according to its geographical location, area, and its suitability for economic exploitation and use. military.

2- The Red Sea Governorate owns 39 islands

The Red Sea Governorate contains 39 islands of the Red Sea with its different coasts: Umm al-Kayan Island, Makurat, Ghanem, Qaysum, Seoul, Tawila, Gobal, Umm al-Lhaimat, al-Mitien, Shadwan, Umm Qamar, Fanadir, Giftun al-Kabeer, Giftun al-Saghir, Abu Beak, Abu Ramada, Great Umm Gawish, Small Umm Gawish, Sahl Hasheesh, Saadan, Umm Al-Jarsan, White Topia, Red Topia, Two Brothers, Kaizen, Rocky, Seoul, Shawarit, Mahabees, Peridot, Makou, Mariar, Seyal, Rawabil, Kolala Dibiya, Halayeb.

3-13 islands, of which there are fish gatherings in their surroundings, and it is possible to fish around them

They are not protected areas, including the islands of Fanadir, Maryar, Seyal, Rwabel, Diba, Al Akhawain, Abu Al Kizan, Mukorat Islands, Qaisum Islands, and Gobal.

4- 22 islands, of which are surrounded by coral reefs and have diving places suitable for tourist activities

There are about 22 islands surrounded by reef barriers, but they are not authorized to dive in, including Gobal, Giftun, Peridot, Tawila, and Shadwan.

5- The Great Giftun Island only in the Red Sea Islands, which has tourist activities on its back

On Giftun Island, there is a cafeteria and a marina restaurant to receive tourists. It is about 11 km from the beach of Hurghada, with an area of ​​approximately 18 km. Hundreds of safari boats depart for it daily.

6- Between the islands of the Red Sea Governorate, there is a security presence on 6 different islands, to the north and south.

7- Shadwan Island is the largest in terms of area and location

Shadwan Island is considered one of the most important islands in the Red Sea strategically, as it controls the movement of navigation to and from the Suez Canal.


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