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Get more business by offering all your leisure trips and tour tours on our website with jukadi.com


Does your business offer an amazing experience that can't be refused?

If so, we would like you to join our program and start making money with your services to our seekers on our platform.

Free to register and post your own offers or we will be glad to do it for you for free - You will only pay a small commission on your bookings sold along with our quick payout program.


Is your business paying out too much to generate new customers ?

What percentage does the famous sites (GROUP_ _ ) take on the deals they promote for your business?

As a rule of thumb they take 50-60% of each sale amount, the worst thing is your money is held for an unreasonable amount of time before payout.

It may be hard most of the time for businesses, especially (new) to make money using a deal platform, we understand some may typically need quick cashflow and or hopes that their offers will drive repeat business in the future.

 There is a culture of deal chasers that are only interested in great deals, which we understand being lifelong deal hunters ourselves.

What we’ve learned is many businesses don't use deal platforms for a couple reasons.

1. They lose money at 50-60% rates with the famous coupon or offer sites.

2. Some think this approach can also hurt the brand by offering services at high discounts.

This is the key reason we created the affordable vendor program

With our 20% discount fee your business can and will make money.

We pay you out within 4 days of original purchase.

(Never wait 30-60-90 days again)

Nothing to lose and much to gain. We do all the promoting and marketing to make you successful, lets face it we only make money if your services sell, period.


Contact us and we will be glad to setup your account so you can start posting your offers today.

Contact us: vendorrequest@jukadi.com

Or register here   become vendor


We will be in touch with you in a jiffy

jukai Team